A Financial News Cry

This is better than CNBC… Well-known Hong Kong stock commentator Agnes Wu Mang-ching, pictured far right, burst into tears during a live Cable TV broadcast the moment that HSBC closed at HK$33:

2 thoughts on “A Financial News Cry

  1. Crying has not even started..

    ‘Most of the banks declined to comment, but Bank of America spokeswoman Eloise Hale said: “We do not believe our derivative exposure is a threat to the bank’s solvency.”

    While Bank of America advised shareholders that its risks from these instruments are no more $13.5 billion, Wachovia last year similarly said it could overcome major risks. In reporting a $707 million first-quarter loss, Wachovia acknowledged that it faced heavy subprime mortgage risks, but said it was “well positioned” with “strong capital and liquidity.” Within months, losses mushroomed and Wachovia submitted to a takeover by Wells Fargo, which soon got $25 billion in federal bailout money.’


  2. For some reason, I half-expected to see this clip immediately followed by that shot of Tom Hanks in the film A League of Their Own when he said, “There’s no crying in baseball!”

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