Nasdaq Closing Prices

Nasdaq dates and closing prices to consider:

Mar 10, 2000: 5,048.62

Then 2 years, 6 months & 29 days later:

Oct 09, 2002: 1,114.11 (-77.9% drop from Mar 00 high)

Then 6 years & 5 months later:

Mar 09, 2009: 1,268.64 (-74.8% drop from Mar 00 high)

For the Nasdaq to get back to its Mar 2000 level it must go up +300% from here. My recommendation is to buy the Nasdaq tomorrow and hold on. It will come back. Hang on. Pray. Then watch Cramer. And listen to Suze Orman. Be patient. It will all come back. You might be dead by the time it comes back, but it will!

3 thoughts on “Nasdaq Closing Prices

  1. Buy it and hold on? That’s chicken sh*t. But the ProFunds Ultra NASDAQ on margin, baby!

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