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  1. That’s like you tried to kill someone and said you tried to save him/her. Problem is that free market will come with a vengeance like it is doing now and will keep doing it next couple of years. Free market will go close to 0 if it must just to make sure it exterminates what must be exterminated, no banking oligopoly will save it’s ass completely. What i’m sad about all this is that the responsible ones don’t get stripped bare naked of all their possessions & lynched in front of an angry mob or at least marked with a sign (tattoo on their forehead) or have chopped one of their arms because those guys are worse than worst criminal. They don’t destroy lives of few people, they destroy lives of millions!! I’m all for lassies-fare governing body where someone gets marked down and expelled for good, the government only gives a fake assurance that someone has “changed”. People should not go to prison, they should be tagged and EXPELLED from community for good.

  2. GOD the so called leaders of this country are embarrassing, and the newest one isn’t any better.

  3. People say that Bush was not a conservative. But the Republicans controlled Congress for six years. So, it wasn’t just Bush. It was his party as well.

    I don’t think Ronald Reagan would recognize today’s Republican party. I know I can’t. They, like the Democrats, believed in big spending, could care less about fiscal responsibility, and used earmarks with the best of the Democrats.

    It just goes to show that our system seems to work the best when not one party is in control of all three branches.

  4. Reganomics whas nothing different, this is not a crisis of last 9 years. This is a culmination of at least last 40 years. Why do you think communist block fell apart? Massive debt, pure and simple debt dissolved entire eastern europe. It was a good life here where i live before 20 years, everyone bought a house or apartment, could eat out, drink dance and party and still have money left. But how was it a achieved? Debt-upon-debt-upon-debt and it was cured with multiple hyperinflation over the decades. After ex Yugoslavia dissolved our country is still raking massive debt obligations until our government sells everything that is can be sold. I don’t see different future for USA, debt economy must dissolve sooner or later and US is lacking production capacity to get out of crap. And no, filling road holes won’t help US a lot. Main problem is that US citizen has lowered it’s standard over the years, not the standard measured in how much you can buy but in standard of self-respect. Average american is either a lazy big fat chunk of lard (mental and physical) or a zealous moneymaker that has a personal life that is practically non existent. In either way hollow people that are currently in majority create hollow nation.


  5. I’m not so sure that his predecessor will have a clue either.

    Check out this myopic view from someone who said he is a good listener. To date the blogs have been the only source where I have seen the problem identified.


    As he settles into his new job, Mr. Obama said he spent much of his time reading briefing books, but still tried to stay in touch by perusing newspapers and thumbing through weekly newsmagazines. But he said he did not watch much television, except basketball games.

    Mr. Obama rode to the White House partly on his savvy use of new technology, and he has a staff-written blog on his presidential Web site. Even so, he said he did not find blogs to be reliable, citing the economy as one example.

    “Part of the reason we don’t spend a lot of time looking at blogs,” he said, “is because if you haven’t looked at it very carefully, then you may be under the impression that somehow there’s a clean answer one way or another — well, you just nationalize all the banks, or you just leave them alone and they’ll be fine.”

  6. “And my answer is that those who aspire to govern really should show a degree of flexibility.”

    Did Pelosi not say that in a press conference last week? 😉

  7. But PV I find your argument for intervention similar to Democrat arguments for it. Political reality? Why should I trust a political solution? Where is the evidence they will be right? Politicians are the ones who had a huge hand in causing the problem by dropping rates to 1% after 9/11 — and that effort came in a Republican administration.

  8. You said:

    I said that solutions like this only work if you have a strong free marketeer like Margaret Thatcher at the helm who WILL privatize industries.

    How can you call anyone who “WILL” privatize industries a “strong free marketeer”? This makes no sense. You also said you admire her. So you are admiring a woman who will privatize industries if she feels its needed. Neither Buffett nor Cramer have advocated privatizing anything and yet you think they are socialists. So how can you think Thatcher isn’t a socialist? It’s just because she’s a woman right? Come on, you’re not going to wiggle out of this one!

  9. Sure I do. But in order to privatize, the govt has to first take over the business. By “privitization” I mean the whole process of govt taking over a business, mucking around with it, then spinning it back out to the private sector.

    My basic question is this: That email says Thatcher would support intervention. And you say you admire Thatcher and that you think she is a strong free marketeer. So how come you call Buffett and Cramer socialists when they support intervention, but you dont call Thatcher a socialist for supporting intervention?

  10. The bottom line is that you are calling a woman who supports intervention a free-marketeer.

    The problem with intervention right now is that the end game is not free markets…its socialism

    How do you know this? Did you ask Buffet and Cramer what their end game was? Why would two guys who made fortunes in free markets want to end it all? I think their end game is free markets. Maybe they are wrong and misguided about how to go about it, but if the end game is free markets then I think we can both agree that that is not socialist.

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