9 thoughts on “CNBC and John Stewart

  1. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. . . Nailed It!!!

    This video should be required viewing in Business Schools/Colleges/the Congress/by High School seniors interested in studying business/corporate managers/investors/traders,the FED,our Executive Branch of Gov’t, the Supreme Court, etc, etc. . .
    Thank you for sharing. I have a DVR and record The Daily Show, but missed this excellect montage. Instead, I have shared it with my friends, associates and family.

    Thank you!


    PS. . . Polo

  2. This video should be a requirement in every business school. love it! thanks for sharing it.

  3. Actually there is another reason to watch CNBC. This is a tricky one. It is a test of your thoughts and ideas as a good trend-follower that you SHOULD find and recognize the BS on CNBC. It should be easy right now as the channel is loaded with this stuff right now. The hard part (we are only human) is to be able to always identify the BS and not for a moment either buy into it or get carried away with it. You might be playing with fire here depending on who u r…

  4. Stewart nailed it. Haha. Love the wrap up; “….between these two don’t know which one I want to see in Jail”. Haha.
    It’s really not rocket science, if stewart could break it down this way. Nicely done.

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