5 thoughts on “Warren Buffett Insights

  1. Buffet as i argued with some of my friends is great in PR spinn besides investing skills. I actually think he relies more on PR than investing skills because he is just like Oprah, almost EVERYONE listens to him and when he says buy EVERYONE buys.. he’s worse than CNBC.

  2. I think general folk bought in droves but investment fund managers had to disperse so much equity to cover losses in their derivative portfolio that there is no way most of general public could soak up the equity. These guys are hemorrhaging trillions, just read somewhere that JP Morgan is sitting on around 90 trillion dollars of different kinds of derivatives, Citi sits on 45 or so trillions, BoA also 40ish trillions.. they are selling everything to save their skins but nothing will help them, not even the trillions of tax dollars because the black holes that they had produced are just too massive.

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