4 thoughts on “One Europe Under Pressure

  1. Current trends for Europe are negative but living in one the eastern countries i can tell you that most of population here and i believe in most of other EE countries are not defaulting on their housing. Also one other interesting thing is that Germany is exporting goods to the tune of cca 65% to EU & EE block countires (40% to EU and 20-someting% to the EE). So Germany is exporting the almost same amount of goods & services to EE as it is exporting to US or Asia. EU is a pretty much closed loop, that is why it is pretty much dangerous if everyone ends up fending up for them selves esp for major exporters like Germany. This is actually a good situation to stress test EU, a REAL test not some paper mumbo-jumbo. EU will come stronger than ever after this crisis.

  2. Also cool thing is that EU has some ptretty tricky fail-safe devices where you just can’t bail anyone & everyone. The less amount politicians intervene the better it will be in the final run.

  3. As soon as the France (the main proponent of a unified europt) voted down their own proposal in a referendum, a unified Europe was doomed. The common currency is only a matter of time. Funny how national interest works like that……..

  4. Thanks Patrick for your optimism. I agree with you, the permanent bashing of the EU as a mere debating club is completely overblown. I mean, what´s so bad about debating anyway? Isn´t debate and dissent the lifeblood of any democracy? Actually it´s probably better that they take their time to debate in Brussels instead of entering their helicopters in order to let funny papermoney rain on everybody as soon as possible.
    There are also some interesting developments that show, that the single european market is working despite the crisis. The french just pulled back their proposal to bail out their car industry, because it didn´t comply with the provisions on the single european market.

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