Seminar Announcement: Trend Following Education

A few months ago I announced a new seminar, but at the time provided few details. Details of my new seminar can be found here.. Feel free to post comments or questions below in this thread or email directly for more information.

8 thoughts on “Seminar Announcement: Trend Following Education

  1. A big picture purpose of this material is to let people see how to trend trade through the words of some of the top trading minds on the planet. Hearing what they do and how they think about their trading, across hours upon hours of audio and video, is bottom line useful to someone just starting to trade or someone who has already been trading. My role is one of conduit, to provide insight, and I do it well.

  2. This offering is bottom line educational “information”. It is information assembled over the years that many people will find useful and valuable to help make trading decisions. If someone wants to learn what I have been exposed to, we will be a match. On the other hand, if someone wants to debate my biography, sure, go ahead, but that doesn’t change the information I can teach to clients. At this stage of the game, after so many years of helping people, a handful of wacky critics only makes it easier for me to make good, logical points about trading.

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