The Citi Comedy or SNL Skit?

There is something very peculiar, in fact bizarrely comedic, about the interview running on CNBC between Maria Bartiromo and Price Al-Waleed bin Talal (Citi’s largest shareholder) right now:

15 thoughts on “The Citi Comedy or SNL Skit?

  1. i don´t know what you found “comedic” about the interview, but i liked the mules or what in the background.

  2. What I thought was comedic was Dylan Ratigans interview with the “Chauncey Gardner” imitator before Maria’s interview. If they said anything else about cleaning the pool I was going to scream.

  3. Price Al-Waleed bin Talal is another trader who invested in a downtrending stock and surprised at the results. So what does he do? He averages down. The only difference the Prince and most other traders? Most other traders don’t have oil wells pumping out oil 24/7.

  4. I though it was wierd too. Bartiromo was over the top with her fawning over him. Calling him “your highness” and thanking him for giving up some of his “precious” time to do the interview? What, he was urgently needed to saddle a polo pony???

  5. Great advertisement for Islamic fundamentalism. Did he really need to interview with his stable behind him? Great attire too.

  6. Does he even know what he’s talking about ? I’m tired, and looking to go short again off this fake rally…

  7. Hey
    I am new to this game of trading but this dude,veneral prince abdula;Bush,Trump,Soros, etc. have given me the idea that the world and markets are not but one big con…and I will take their monies…

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