My film is done. We are left with some mastering aspects, but I do have the opportunity to add few seconds here and there of “stock” footage like in this commercial from Lending Tree. If anyone knows of a Wall Street related commercial on YouTube, something where brokers and or mutual funds tried to make themselves look good or made outrageous promises (circa 04-07), please post link here as a comment. I won’t promise much, but if it is a good clip that gets used I will definitely give film credit to you for “consulting”.

5 thoughts on “Commercials?

  1. There is an absolutely hilarious video advert for a forex trading system, and it begins with the lines “Since the dawn of time, humanity has been trying to unlock the secrets of the markets” (or words to that effect). It also goes on to invoke Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘mystical’Fibonacci numbers and Astrology. Following this dramtic beginning, it then has clip after clip of some “average” person claiming that the system has made trading “easy” and they are already making money, “life has completely changed” etc. Usual gems are present: “revolutionary”, “genius”, “once in a lifetime” – classic.

    I’ve been trying to find it but no joy – if you can get that video into your film your audience will die from laughter. It’s still on YouTube somewhere as I watched it last week.

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