‘Broke’ Film Trailer

This is the trailer for my new film “Broke: The New America Dream”. The film was shot in HD and a higher resolution trailer will be posted soon.

Some of the people appearing in the trailer include Jim Rogers and Nobel prize winner Harry Markowitz along with traders Barry Ritholtz, Salem Abraham, & Peter Borish.

14 thoughts on “‘Broke’ Film Trailer

  1. Looks like it might be an excellent candidate for PBS — via something like the Independent Lens program.

  2. For the film I talked with Jim Rogers, David Harding (Winton Capital), Eric Bolling, Salem Abraham, Bill Miller, Michael Mauboussin, Harry Markowitz (Nobel winner), Vernon Smith (Nobel winner), Jonathan Hoenig, Barry Ritholtz, Larry Hite, Kevin Bruce, Jim Rohrbach…to name a few. Talked with ton of man in the streets too. Was shot in NYC, Baltimore, DC, Virginia, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Vegas, San Diego, Tokyo, Singapore, Macau, and London.

  3. looks like a great, entertaining, educational and timely movie. Mike Moore has some serious competition in the space, GET OUT OF THE WAY MICHAEL MOORE, here comes the OTHER MICHAEL !

  4. Thanks Dave. I have enjoyed Moore’s films. He is a great Director whether you love his view or hate his view. We discussed his work and style during the course of this film regularly. A difference perhaps? I hope by the end of “Broke” people see a way out, a way to start down a different path and not just walk away thinking this film is an “attack” alone, for it is not. Bottom line, trusting the Government, trusting Social Security, trusting brokers, trusting the media…is a sure way to go “broke”.

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