A Country Rotting Out from the Inside Economically

Why is it that these people are more special than those who have lost jobs at other businesses? This article, and all of the assorted volatility, is great for trading, but the ideas expressed, the notion of saving jobs that will eventually be lost anyway, is unimaginably gross political leadership.

4 thoughts on “A Country Rotting Out from the Inside Economically

  1. Good point Mike; I agree with you. But looking at it from another perspective, it’s also as a result of “gross followership”, if i could use those words; the “masses” are ignorant.
    But looking on the bright side….Hey, it’s $700b….we should go lobby for a piece of the pie. j/k. LOL.

  2. I like the way they are phrasing it as a national security issue…. somehow I missed the films of D-day showing
    all the Chevy Caprises and Lincolns storming the beaches….
    perhaps they can squeeze in global warming…..

  3. While it’s sad to see anyone lose their job for any reason, the process of “creative destruction” is what makes capitalism work ultimately for the better. Government intervention supporting failed businesses derails this process, delaying the creation and growth of profitable businesses.

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