Casting Call for New Edition of “Trend Following”

I am currently updating my first book Trend Following to reflect the last nearly 5 years since first published. If you have ideas and or feedback for this edition, hit me back quick, as I am moving quick. I am already in contact with some very bright traders and fund managers making great points, but the door is wide open to all comers for feedback/research for potential publication.

6 thoughts on “Casting Call for New Edition of “Trend Following”

  1. I wouldnt mind seeing some more views on trend following (going with the flow) from a philosophical level. Obviously people cannot apply trend following to the markets or to anything else in there life unless they look for answers within instead of looking to others to make thier decisions. Perhaps some more on game theory (probability) and bet determination.
    Its already a good book which covers a bit of everything, its hard to come up with more ideas.

  2. Michael,

    I recently picked up your book at a local library – Very good read and hacks me off that I hadn’t read your book about 3-4yrs ago. Has anyone done indepth research to “trending the trenders”. I’m sure a system could be developed that would get into a fund at a trigger point and back out at a trigger point – just a thought.

    Also – more information on the tax consequences of being an investor in a fund. I don’t believe at this time, one can put their IRA in a fund – maybe I’m wrong.

  3. michael
    the semi – pros . a lot of traders out here who trend trade ….. traders small, medium, and large , who do other things ….. and trend trade . traders who like doing other things and don’t want to be money managers. people,investors, traders….. like to see themselves in what they read . how all the big numbers and big names and new(to them) methodology applies to them ……. rags to riches, or riches to rags to riches ….. probably a lot of interesting stories out there ….. i am not bragging but YOU need to know the reality of the little guy
    i am sure there are people like me with before and after stories with trend trading……. i think i lost money on 29 of the first 30 trades i ever did ….. at some point last spring the light came on , read your books a couple of others ,established a new plan ……. i trade commodities /futures of all types up 1400% since , yes 14x since mid-summer . how? , moving to a long term trend trading method and catching some big trends …… and piling on …. and it is amazing keeping up with the small trader community and seeing that a lot of times the blind just refuse to see … like the old saying (modified) “there go i but for the success of trend trading” … just my thoughts on the matter.

  4. Dear Michael:

    I have been an avid trend follower and would like to thank you for featuring our modest efforts at applying trend following principles in the Indian equity markets.

    Yes I was a banker engaged in “boiler room” sales in order to meet linearly crafted budgets that did not make sense in the nonlinear real world.

    I have been living off my trading for the last 4 years. I would say that trading a trend following system is one of the most honest pursuits one can engage in. One doesnot need to manipulate information or the emotions of the customers in order to achieve success. Systematic trend following trading is really not about the markets but about the trader. After all there really isnt any good market or bad market, because successful traders make money in all markets.

    I have found trend following trading has led to my personal development. It has allowed me to overcome fears, exercise discipline and would you believe it, reduce stress. It has had a lasting impact on my life away from my trading, because it has taught me to not be anchored in the present but to embrace change continuously.

    Trading is about making money, but if you do it the trend following way, there is a chance you will also develop personally, and hopefully become a more productive member of society.

    Kind regards

    Soumitra Sengupta

  5. Great idea given all that has happened since 2005. But please don’t rush it! Can you speak to Jim Simmons and Ed Thorpe? I’d love to hear their views on trend following!

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