GM is Welfare

Let’s face it our big ole famous car maker GM has devolved into a government sponsored welfare program. Clealry, their business is not a business that can survive on its own by any metric that any reasonable person can point to, so why does it still exist as an ongoing concern? Because so many people are employed there, so many people are promised pensions, etc. that to let it die will hurt the economy big time. But you know what? That’s exactly what we need! Let GM die and we will all be healthier and richer in the long run. Prop it up, keep it on life support, and its still going to eventually implode…so let it die now and save us the wasted tax dollars that will be blown on it until it finally craps out.

3 thoughts on “GM is Welfare

  1. I want to know wow do the politicians rationalize this kind of irrational financial behavior? It is nonsensical to keep alive a business that is not viable. If they want an American car company for reasons of national security, then the US gov’t should purchase GM for it’s book value, keep a few of the popular cars that sell well, and sell the rest of the businesses.

  2. rationale, if constituents lose their jobs the politicians lose their jobs. They aren’t concerned about the long term, just about keeping their gigs in Washington.

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