Larry Hite Outtake from New Film

This is an outtake of Larry Hite from my new film. Context? Larry was telling a story about how a friend of his dated so many gorgeous women and how he did it:

5 thoughts on “Larry Hite Outtake from New Film

  1. Soooo. Larry Hite is demonstrating that dating is really a numbers game of probability.

    1/10 women will go out with a man if asked
    of those, 1/10 will stay the night.

    So, 1/100 will stay the night outright.
    In other words, to sleep with 1 woman, on average, a man should meet 100 women.

    In effect, it is about playing the dating game repeatedly, without emotional attachment to the outcome that ensures a steady stream of women.

    hmmmm. I can see the logic in trading, but in dating? Is it morally appropriate to see women as numbers that have a probability attached of ‘staying the night’?

    Each to their own i guess.

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