Request to Fund Managers

If you run a trend following/global macro type fund (rooted in technicals not fundamentals), either trading stocks or futures, and you have some interesting research and or marketing materials that discuss your strategy and or philosophy, please email them along to me. My readers would like very much to see your views.

2 thoughts on “Request to Fund Managers

  1. I run a portfolio using etf’s. I have found that Relative Price Strength is a great tool for identifying trends. My firm’s guidelines do not allow shorting, but now that there are inverse etf’s I have all the tools I need to take advantage of trends.

  2. Kevin,

    I do not know if you run your own firm, but would you know the outline and requirements to start up a firm? and, how does someone get started in the investment world, coming from a non business background and straight out of college?

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