Comic Con and Dennis Miller

Not knowing exactly what to expect, I ventured to Comic Con today in San Diego to experience 125,000 “geeks” (I say that affectionately) crammed into one place to worship comics and science fiction. While waiting to hear a presentation from directors Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Frank Miller and Zack Snyder, I was standing in the line at the bathroom and was immediately in front of comedian Dennis Miller. Given the crowd, and given that he was dressed down, I doubt many recognized him. I told him that I liked the “libertarian” bent he takes in his pubic appearances (Bill O’Reilly show for example) and I said that it really seems to be where most people are these days even if neither political party gets it. His answer was simple? He just said, “time to be pragmatic.”

4 thoughts on “Comic Con and Dennis Miller

  1. I never stopped cussing when they cancelled his show on CNBC in favor of that Deactsh show. I cant stand “the big idea.”

  2. Gotta stop Obama-care!
    Maybe Dennis Miller has a better idea because Obama is bringing on the United Socialist States Redux (The USSR all over again)

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