Head in the Sand

A reader writes:

This post is a complete contradiction to everything you write about on your site. Automated systems don’t have character – objective. They are specifically designed to override human weakness and character traits – subjective. Are you losing it Mike? Loll! Best regards, Vince

This reader missed the point. A system does not override “human weakness and character traits”. An easy example can be seen in the comparison of three individuals profiled in chapters 11, 12, and 13 of my book “The Complete TurtleTrader”. Those chapters outline winners and losers. This reader apparently missed these chapters or just did not get the message. If the system was the only issue that mattered then why did some Turtles fail? Failure by some Turtles started with human weakness (character trait issues). Those kinds of issues can be overcome, but not if you avoid admitting their existence. So yes, a system is critical, but as those three chapters in my book point out there is more at play in the long run then just saying: “I got a system”.