Nelson Freeburg Review

Some feedback from longtime industry veteran Nelson Freeburg of Formula Research:

Michael, I just finished reading your fine book [The Complete TurtleTrader]. You are a researcher of great diligence and depth. I admire your stress on the entrepreneurial imperative, distinguishing Jerry Parker and Salem Abraham from the rest of the pack. And you are a fine writer with a gift for the apt turn of phrase. (My favorite passage: “Maybe it is that down-to-earth perspective gleaned from living in handshake country [love that phrase!] that gives Abraham a clear perspective.” I also liked your observation about self-actualized individuals who don’t fear striking out so much as missing any possible opportunity to bat.) One piece of advice from this grizzled veteran…for your next book you should find a copy editor who can do justice to your literary and investigative skills. You are an authentic talent. With best wishes and many thanks…Nelson Freeburg