George Svoboda Inspiration


I wrote to you in June ’07 to thank you for the inspiration received from the Battle at Kruger video clip that you sent with your weekly. This week’s piece on Mark Cuban was good also and obviously these two messages are meshed. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about reinforcement and inspiration when a person looks at the stories of others who have gone before; I need to keep bathing in the positive atmosphere. When I listened to George Svoboda’s music I was transfixed. Here’s a man that’s in flow. It’s like I’ve been given unspoken validation in pursuing (sticking-to-it) trading success and my dream to take up the guitar again some day. I’ve been encouraged again to keep on the entrepreneurial path in life. One of the keys for me is to focus on how it will be when I get there, rather than what might happen “if” I fail. Words fail many times in describing feeling, but here’s another thank you. Rick R.