‘The Complete TurtleTrader’ Book Feedback

A question from Hong Kong about my new book:

Dear Michael, I bought your book and noticed that Russell Sands was not included among the Turtles. I was wondering if there was a reason for this? I ask because I have always wondered about the relationship between Russell and Richard Dennis. I loved your book. While trend following is not my cup of tea, the insights you brought on the Turtle mindset was invaluable. Thanks for a great job. All the best, Ray

Before I could answer that Russell Sands is indeed in my book, Ray followed up:

Sorry on re-reading this I realize I was unclear. What I wanted to know was why Russell’s track record was not among those you published?

Sands was only with Dennis for a year, and I don’t have that one year record. In terms of the next 20 yrs he doesn’t have a continuous record. For the book, after the Turtle program ended, I aimed to publish those Turtles with a continuous track record. For trading during the Turtle program I published the records that could be found. There was some interesting discrepancies there.