“…Fairy tale of the ignorant masses…”

Feedback in:

Michael – some feedback for you. I’ve been in the “startup” mode in my trading business for a year and a half now. This seems a far cry from the “spend a couple of months getting going” plan I started with. Yes, I too fell for the quick and easy, fast buck, this trading game is a cinch, fairy tale of the ignorant masses. I had the misfortune of making 3 months’ earnings in one and a half days early in the game; this was followed by a 1 months’ earnings overnight trade soon after. Do you suppose I was a wee bit heavy on those two? Now, after watching a near 90% drawdown last year and a much more docile 10% drawdown so far this year, I find the need to replenish my trading equity and salvage a few remaining strands of gray, albeit short, hair. Why did I tell you this? Because in the midst of the blood, sweat, and tears, you send out the Battle at Kruger video clip. I would say I can identify most with the calf – never give up. So, with the nauseating prospect of going back to a wage to bolster the old equity and put food on the table, I had to chuckle at the allegory of the calf and my struggle to succeed at this game. I also realized how much I look forward to your “f’morn f’mation” audio clips and the great reference material. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work! Rick R.