James O. Rohrbach on Recent Stock Market Action

James O. Rohrbach forwarded me some of his recent commentary:

If you listen to the to the Wall Street Experts, you know exactly what caused the big drop and you know where the market is heading from here. It’s amazing how these people can get on the tube and tell us exactly what is going to happen. I am listing a few Expert comments that I heard. They really clarify the current situation:

1. The drop is over and the market will resume it’s up move.
2. We need to have another drop that will take us down 10 to 11%.
3. This is not a great buying opportunity. This is a great buying opportunity.
5. The market reached perfection levels and needed to correct.
6. Greenspan caused it.
7. China caused it. Volatility caused it.
8. Sub-prime mortgages caused it. The trade balance caused it. The dollar caused it.
9. The market will be much higher by the end of the year.
10. The market will be much lower by the end of the year.
11. Traders will not like to be long the market over the weekend.
12. Don’t worry about the glitch in the NYSE central market system on Tuesday. It worked fine.
13. Interest rates are going to be reduced. Interest rates are going to be increased.
14. The economy is strong. The economy is getting week.
15. Hillary says we have to do something about the growing debt.

There, now you know exactly what caused the drop on Tuesday and you know exactly how to proceed with your investments.