The Motley Fool Is Only Feeding Demand

From Motley Fool comes this “wisdom”:

It’s YOUR money. According to this prominent Wall Street whistleblower, those high-priced investment types are getting high on YOUR commissions. And you won’t believe the other dirty secrets this gentleman revealed to us about the teeming underbelly of the financial services industry. You owe it to yourself to hear every word! Because only then — once you know the full truth — can you decide for yourself whether you want to continue feeding Wall Street’s insatiable addiction. Or if you should keep your money where it belongs… in your own account, compounding exponentially into a private fortune for you and your family to enjoy. You Absolutely Can Do It It’s not even hard. You simply need to buy and hold the very best U.S. stocks. These are the opportunities that make investors truly wealthy, gaining in excess of 22.8% per year.

This kind of writing only exists because people want it to exist. Give “The Fool” credit for feeding the demand and building a business that makes money. Of course, their writing is 100% BS.