Short Term Trend Following?

Feedback in from the other day:

One advantage I sincerely admire in Trend Following is its simplicity and elegance. Rather than using chart patterns and the like and making many trades during one day or a week… it simply follows the trend, and I truly believe thats where the real money is made. But I have one question I am sure you have received from other traders: Don’t trends occur in all time frames? I believe a trader that is using technical analysis and chart patterns to identify an edge where a trend will begin to unfold or carry on, and captures this trend, whether it be over a one day period, or a one month period can be said to be trend following. I know you have spoken and wrote about “short-term” trading… but at the least in theory, it tries to achieve maximum efficiency. Only being in a trend that is currently moving, exiting near the short-term break of a trend, and buying near support of the trend… Is this not a common sense way of maximizing gains? Some trend followers stay in trends that do carry on for months and years but have major corrections where they would have been suited to take profits sooner and sit out the major correction or consolidation and/or look to buy near the support of a trend. I am currently using a swing-trading approach and a intermediate-term trend following approach.

Transaction costs are a big argument against very short term trading. In terms of some of your terms used, it would be wise to define exactly what you mean by ‘technical analysis’, ‘chart patterns’, ‘maximum efficiency’, ‘support of the trend’, ‘take profits sooner’, ‘major correction’, ‘consolidation’ and ‘swing-trading’. Those terms can mean anything.