How to Find Mentors and or Jobs?

I have over a long time been able to find ‘access.’ Readers see it and emails like this result:

I am writing you because I have a burning desire to become a professional trader. I graduated college in June with a degree in Economics and History, and currently, I am putting my full-time efforts into educating myself about trading. I have read your book on three separate occasions within the last two years, and I frequently reference it. I feel as though I have built a good theoretical foundation, and now I would like to take my learning to the next step by working with a mentor. The search for a mentor has proven difficult since there are no real conventional methods to finding one. I know you have come across many prominent figures within the trading community, so I was wondering if you know of any traders who would be willing to take on a hard-working, devoted, and smart student. I live in Orange County in Southern California, but would follow an opportunity if I believe in it. If you do not know of anybody in particular, but could point me in the right direction, that would also be greatly appreciated. I am sincerely sorry if this is a waste of your time, but I am trying to find the right guidance in order to help me find the path of least resistance in accomplishing my goal. I would be grateful of any suggestions you might have. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays, Brett

I don’t consider your email a waste of time. That said, there is no short answer to your question. The old adage of knocking on doors – literally – is still true. I do have one lead that may provide education and networking. Attend a Managed Funds Association conference. Many of the men I write about attend and speak at these events. It’s a great way to listen, learn and meet people.