Lou Dobbs Blames Everyone in “War on the Middle Class”

I caught a town hall meeting on CNN hosted by Lou Dobbs titled ‘War on the Middle Class’. The premise was how to replace manufacturing jobs that have left Buffalo, New York. The angle was predictable. Union workers stand up and complain about jobs going overseas (cheers and applause as “rich” guys are blamed). One guy said there should be tariff on all imports into the United States. That is brilliant. Wouldn’t that hurt all of the middle class who shop at Wal-Mart buying goods primarily made in Asia? Others say that government can fix it all and get America “back” to where it was. Others blame the government for not giving enough education.

I say nonsense. Jobs go overseas due to market forces, not to punish union workers. Corporations exist to make money, not to take care of people cradle to grave. Life is not fair and there are always challenges, but blaming everyone for your situation is a waste of time. Maybe instead of this town hall meeting they should have actually told everyone “how” market forces work. Just pacifying people with pie in the sky dreams of bringing back the 1950s doesn’t help anyone.

Why bring this up? These kinds of attitudes will kill anyone whether entrepreneur or trader. It’s you against the world. Get educated. Get angry. Make something happen, take 100% responsibility and please don’t look to the government for your wealth.