Put Into “Code” Means What?


Hey Michael, Hello, I am a mathematics and philosophy student at Michigan Tech University. I loved reading your book twice; I am going to read it a third time. I find the trend trading philosophy to be very stoic and the concept, rather simple yet eye-opening. Often I find myself teaching others about your style of trading and even debating with others about indicators (basically all indicators never stack up to price in the long run or any run for that matter)…When you say “turn your philosophies into computer code” what exactly do you mean by this. If I am more of a risk taker, make bigger bets that sort of deal?

Real straightforward. If your rule, for example, is to buy when a market makes a 100 day high – then make that a rule you can put into computer code. That’s it. Of course that can expand out to cover much more than my simple example.