The California Garbage Collectors Union

Feedback from an earlier post:

Michael Covel, Wake up! Our government put Al Capone out of business and took over his business. It’s called the protection racket! As a previous member of the CME I experienced this first hand. The head of the newly formed CFTC was a guest speaker at our annual members meeting. His speech was real short and real direct. I’ll never forget it. He said, “The California Garbage Collectors Union” has a lobbyist in Washington D.C. and you guys aren’t even in the directory and you had better get someone up there to watch your back! Less than 90 days later a bill was intro ducted in the house that if passed, would put the futures industry out of business in the U.S. Guess what! Magically a PAC was formed and money was sent to D.C.! O’yes, the “Shake Down” is what they really do and that’s pretty much it, period! It’s an art form with these guys. Don’t forget, most of them are attorneys. Gary C.