Fundamentally ‘Nuts’?

Thw Wall Street Journal ran a piece the other day discussing the “letters” hedge fund managers send clients. Take a read (PDF). An excerpt:

“Struggling to find just the right words to explain a run of bad luck to investors, money manager Michael Roth looked to literature for inspiration. He found his muse in Edgar Allan Poe. That is why Mr. Roth, who helps run Stark Investments, a Milwaukee hedge fund with $7.6 billion in assets, recently wrote one of his periodic letters to investors as a takeoff on “The Raven”:

But the silence was unbroken,
and the stillness gave no token;
And the only word there spoken
was the whispered word, “Bernanke?”

The poem goes on for three-and-a-half pages. Along the way, it not only refers to the new Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, but also manages to rhyme “trading floor” with “macroeconomic lore.”

I am not sure what to make of these efforts.