Mad Man Cramer

BusinessWeek’s recent article on Jim Cramer was titled ‘The Mad Man Of Wall Street’. An excerpt:

“Cramer hits a button, and a haunted voice from above yells, “the house of pain!” to cue his cameramen to run to the right. From Cramer’s cartoonish-sound-effects console comes the roar of a bull. “O.K., home gamers, listen up: This is what the bottom looks like!” he hollers through a megaphone. “You need to start buying ’cause stocks are going to rise!” he says, later adding: “The Fed’s job, which is to kill the economy, is almost done! Pretty soon Greenspan is going to be in Sunrise Senior Living.”

Reading this article feels like a time transport back to the market froth of the dot com bubble in 1999. Everyone truly does get what they want.

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