Passing Time with the AP

From today:

“NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street rallied to finish moderately higher Monday as nervous investors got some reassurance from General Motors Corp.’s new labor agreement and a favorable court ruling for cigarette makers. Technology stocks rebounded ahead of three major profit reports.”

What does ‘rallied’ mean?
What does ‘moderately higher’ mean?
What does ‘nervous investors’ mean?
What does ‘rebounded ahead’ mean?

This headline sounds like the fine work of a skilled Ivy League graduate. Unfortunately it is useless in helping to answer these questions:

* How do you determine what market to buy or sell at any time?
* How much of a market do you buy or sell at any time?
* How do you determine when you buy or sell a market?
* How do you determine when you get out of a losing position?
* How do you determine when you get out of a winning position?

You might say, “That’s not the point of such commentary – to answer those questions.” Then what is the point of the AP peddling stuff like this off to millions of eager eyeballs?

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