Insight Welcomed

As mentioned the other day, I have spent the better part of the last 4 months interviewing 10+ great traders at their offices. This group manages collectively well over $10 billion USD.

I have met with both trend following traders and short-term systematic traders. The idea has been to assemble a representative sample of those traders excelling in the non-fundamentally based trading world. In a world still dominated by traders analyzing balance sheets and crops reports for their trading decisions, talking with great traders that make big money using statistically-driven trading models has been filled with “aha moments”.

As the research process continues, I would like to now use the power of the web to find other interview candidates across the globe. If you currently trade trend following models or if you currently trade short-term systematic models, I would like to discuss a conversation for a future book. Feel free to contact me here. You do not have to be a trading manager to participate, you could simply be trading your own account. All communication on this issue will be considered private until all parameters are agreed upon.

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