Critical Insanity

There are critics of trend following out there. But their typical method of operation is to launch personal attacks instead of debating the strategy on the merits. That said, in today’s Washington Post Howard Kurtz wrote an article titled “For Every Story, An Online Epilogue Via E-Mail and Blog, Anyone’s a Critic”. Some excerpts of where the anonymous chat/blog world has gone:

“ABC’s Linda Douglass says she has “learned that I have not just critics but people who seem to hate me that I don’t even know about.” “It’s very nasty and personal and scatological,” says Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank.” But the increasingly caustic nature of some online criticism is prompting many journalists to complain that their honesty and motivation are being trashed along with their work.”
Howard Kurtz

“You want to pay attention to what legitimate critics are saying out there,” Nagourney says. “In journalism, you screw up from time to time. But it’s become so toxic — attacks for the sake of attacks.” “As for “smear artists” on the Internet, Greenfield says, “The freedom that it gives anonymous twerps to spew out invective — that they don’t like the way you look or think you’re an idiot or a child abuser — that’s just part of the process.”
Howard Kurtz

“There’s so much noise that you have to tune it out. It’s very rare I’ll write any story that doesn’t get criticized by someone…Complete strangers make assumptions that they know your innermost thoughts.”
Howard Kurtz

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