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Tom Basso Feedback

Some great feedback came through the other other day: It’s because of you my friend that I’ve come to know so many in the space. Thanks for your efforts. His personal message to me (above) was followed by his newsletter

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Darren Kottle Interview; Trend Following with Michael Covel

My interview with upstart trend following trader Darren Kottle is live. More.

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Steve Burns Makes His 1st Appearance on the Podcast

Steve Burns makes his 1st appearance on the podcast. Listen now.

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University: The Wrong Place to Go for a Trading Education

Feedback in: Hello sir, Next year I am going to university and I m not sure which program is the best to become a trader. The first choice I have is to do one year in Honours Economics and Finance and then apply to

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Brad Rathe on the Podcast Now

Trader Brad Rathe (see: linkedin) is on the podcast now. Rathe started in the “pits” and is off the floor running a trend/systematic focused fund of funds along with his own global macro fund. Listen to our conversation on iTunes.

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The Thoughtful Feedback

Feedback in from a reader: Michael, Hello. First of all, thank you for all of your efforts. I have read all of your books and listened to nearly all of the podcast episodes, and am a big fan. Keep it

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Mike Dever on the Podcast for a Return Visit: New and Extended

Mike Dever was my first guest on my new 2012 podcast, but today on his second appearance he provides even more “must-listen-to-insights” for the systematic/trend trading community. Dever’s 30+ years of experience is not to be missed: Listen Now on

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