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Brexit Hysteria Might Be Contagious

Feedback in: Good morning from the U.S., I wonder how many fundamental analysts could have “predicted” the market’s reaction to the Brexit news. It amazes me how many people still believe these “experts” on TV know what they are talking

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Financial Predictions v. Weather Predictions

Feedback in: Michael, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work. I have read most of your books and they are exactly what I needed. You see I am a veteran of the brokerage business

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Ep. 424: The Wizard Jeremy Siegel Filleted on Trend Following Radio

Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Today on Trend Following Radio Michael Covel profiles Jeremy Siegel. Jeremy describes himself as “The Wizard of Wharton.” His website claims that he is credited with contributing and expanding the great bull market

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Trading Food For Thought: January 19th Edition

Interesting reads: The Most Dangerous Equation The WTF and LOL Economy…The World’s First Digital Recession The Rise of Behavioral Economics: Richard Thaler’s ‘Misbehaving’ Managing the Man Overboard Moment The Bedrock of Portfolio Management How to Be Less Terrible at Predicting

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Trading Food For Thought: January 13th Edition

Interesting reads: What made Charles Darwin an Effective Thinker? Follow the Golden Rule MiB: Michael Covel New Year, Old-Fashioned Investment Strategy Engineered societies Stanley Druckenmiller Lost Tree Club 1-18-15 Daniel Kahneman in Conversation with Michael Mauboussin on Intuition, Causality, Loss

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Trading Food For Thought: December 22st Edition

Interesting reads: Momentum: Slip Counterfactuals, the “Stale Price” Effect, and the Future Ten Commandments for Aspiring Superforecasters 39% Of Stocks Have A Negative Lifetime Total Return Investment strategy: It’s hard to find the winners but maybe easier to identify (and

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Seven-time Lottery Winner Shares Secret to Winning Powerball

Curious how to win the lottery? Seven time lottery winner, Richard Lustig, shares: Saturday’s Powerball drawing is a staggering $320 million. With such an enormous sum at stake, who better to turn to then Richard Lustig — seven-time lottery grand

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