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You Will Not Find the Latest “Hot” Here

Seth Godin writes: Where’s the heat? Is that your goal? To find the next hot thing? Do you want to buy it, sell it, use it, eat it? In every industry where there’s fashion (which is every industry), people spend

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Guessing Which Federal Reserve is True… Is Not Wise Trading Strategy; Trend Following Wins Either Way

One view of the Fed: Another view: Is that really a way to trade? Trend following doesn’t require you to know which is true…or what happens next. Note: There is another way to look at Bernanke and it paints a

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There Is A Sucker Born Every Second (Not Minute)

P.T. Barnum is famously attributed the phrase: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” That got me thinking. Let’s talk ‘algos’ (short for algorithms). As a term it has become the soup du jour of jargon used by hustlers trying to

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The Polyphonic Spree of Trading Systems Makes Me…

A random unsolicited email arrived today: Dear Micheal [sic], attached is a more precise work for the point target of DJIA performing supercycle expanding triangle. Each swing in the formation holds a type of a-b-c correction waves. DJIA is now performing the

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102% Forex!

A random and unsolicited email just received: Hi Paul, Wondering if you would be interested in having me work for you. My results are 102% trading Forex in the last 4 months trading with relatively low leverage. Would you be

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The Folly of Twitter Prediction…Has Been Around Long Before Twitter and Will Be Around Long After Twitter

Spotted this question on a forum: What do you think about using natural language processing to analyze tweets and then predict stock market behavior? The desire for a fix or quest not really possible…is all too timelessly human:

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All Winning Months Should Scare the Hell Out of Anyone, Not Cause Excitement

Tyler writes: Mr. Covel I am in need of your assistance. You seem very active in the investing world and you may know someone who may be compatible with I’ve developed. We’ve all heard that if something sounds to good

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