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All consulting is custom to your unique situation. Before consulting can be scheduled there are certain prerequisites to be completed:

  1. Read #1.
  2. Read #2.
  3. Watch.
  4. Complete Flagship.


  • A survey completed for your unique situation.
  • Trend following systems, risk management, rules, psychology, decision-making, software issues and philosophies from great trend following traders.
  • Proprietary training materials assembled by Michael Covel over 15 years delivered via video, audio, text and PowerPoint. Materials available under a binding non-disclosure agreement.

Wisdom from author Seth Godin:

I had a college professor who did engineering consulting. A brand new office tower in Boston had a serious problem–there was a brown stain coming through the drywall, (all of the drywall) no matter how much stain killer they used. In a forty-story building, if you have to rip out all the drywall, this is a multi-million dollar disaster. They had exhausted all possibilities and were a day away from tearing out everything and taking a loss. They hired Henry in a last-ditch effort to solve the problem. He looked at the walls and said, “I think I can work out a solution, but it will cost you $45,000 if I succeed.” They instantly signed on, because if he succeeded, the project would be saved. Henry asked for a pencil and paper and wrote the name of a common hardware store chemical and handed it to them. “Here, this will work.” And then he billed them $45,000. That’s quite an hourly wage. It’s also quite a bargain.

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