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Trading Food for Thought: November 11 Edition

Interesting reads: Are You Brilliant, or Lucky? 60-40 Is Dead. Long Live 60-40 Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth? The Trick to Making Better Forecasts Book Review: Superforecasting Sheds Light on the Art of Prediction ‘Liquid’ alt funds still have

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Human Behavior: Core to Trend Following

Consider an excerpt from Trend Following: Perhaps not surprising, trend followers have spent as much time observing and understanding human behavior as they have trading. Understanding human behavior and how it relates with markets is commonly referred to as behavioral

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Twisting the Data: The Fed, Correlations and Intoxication

It is amazing how quick people are to forget how wrong one prediction is, only to move onto believing in another prediction. An excerpt from the chapter “Intoxication”, in Trend Commandments: A bipolar prediction came across my desk recently: “If

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Curiosity Should Take The Drivers Seat

I have written multiple books. All from a different perspective, but still all having trend following connective tissue. Consider an excerpt from the preface of my first book Trend Following: — Trend Following challenges much of the conventional wisdom about

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Overpopulation: A Trend Following Debate

When asked about trend following becoming “overpopulated” a Richard Dennis quote is often best: “I don’t think trading strategies are as vulnerable to not working if people know about them, as most traders believe. If what you are doing is

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Ep. 389: Joey Yap Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Today on Trend Following Radio Michael Covel has a conversation with Joey Yap, Feng Shui expert, founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and self-made entrepreneurial millionaire. Feng Shui, as Joey explains

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Trading Food For Thought: October 14 Edition

Interesting reads: Risk, Radicalism, Reward How Using a Decision Journal can Help you Make Better Decisions John Burbank Lecture at UC Berkeley Haas – Invest In Things That Have Never Happened Before Three New Books, Three New Looks Inside the

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