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“What’s my plan? My plan is to grow and prosper…”

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I thought I might like to tell you all that I love you for what you have brought to my life. In 2009, I started by trying to trade the market. I had great success in the beginning but since I had no real foundation that initial success didn’t last.

Years of frustration, followed by frustration… Last year I started reading. Really reading! No TV, no radio, no MSM, nothing. Just read books and listened to some podcasts. I started with Mark Douglas and then went to Jack Schwager’s books. That led me to Van Tharp and Michael Covel. I love, love, love Michael’s writing and podcasts. Awesome one on Jesse Livermore!

You might ask “what is my edge?” I basically use the Donchian Channel, I use a 2ATR trailing stop and then I stay out of my own way. I don’t buy the bottom and I have to give back some from the top to tell me the trade is over. But I have a written plan and so far, I am profitable – so there’s a clue. So I’ll let you know after two or three years/decades how it is going.

What’s my plan? My plan is to grow and prosper – spiritually, financially and in every way imaginable. My plan is to create “Infinite Wealth.” My plan is to do well enough to take several of Van’s and Alan’s workshops. I would also like to have a beer with Michael. I think those are all very realistic goals.

It must be a nice thing to have lived a life that has so profoundly changed the lives of others for the better. Blessings on you all. I am blessed to have found you.


Thanks for the nice words. Sure, on the beer!

Trend Following

Trend Following

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