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Three Ways to Be Like Jordan Spieth


1. Split the Uprights:

“We do target training,” explains Cameron McCormick, Spieth’s longtime swing coach. “Jordan’s go-to range drill is to pick a left and right boundary — say, a bush and a flag — and envision a football goal post. He tries to land a percentage of his shots between the ‘posts.’ To mirror playing conditions, the goal-post width grows as he goes from his wedges — say, 10 yards wide — up to his driver.”

2. Know How to Miss:

“At the Masters, our plan was to attack the course while knowing where not to miss,” McCormick says. “On No. 3, a 350-yard par 4, Jordan hit hybrid off the tee to set up a full, spinning wedge from 100 to 115 yards out. That way, he could be precise with his approach and avoid the deep trap and the false front — two places you just don’t want to go.”

3. Debrief Post-Round:

“Jordan is great at post-round reflection. He detaches himself from the emotion of the day and asks, ‘What did I do well? What do I need to work on?’ This gives him an unbiased look at his performance, so he can keep improving.”

Trading too. Exact same applies.

Source: Mark Broadie, “What can you learn from a 20-year-old? Plenty. Jordan Spieth’s well-rounded game has made him a PGA Tour star.” June 23, 2014. See

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