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I cannot believe I have been investing and trading this long without knowing about you. My Dad started teaching me about the market when I was in high school. At the time our tools were the WSJ and a slide rule. (He was an engineer and could do things with a slide rule that were amazing.) I finally got to the point where I was taking my slide rule to my upper level math classes. Only a few years after high school graduation the basic, and I do mean basic, calculators came out. Since not every university student could afford one, they were not allowed for test taking for a few years. So I have come up through bond ladders where we kept a pair of scissors in the safe deposit box to cut coupons and one really had to give a lot of thought about placing a trade because it was going to cost at least $50 to make.

Years later I was teaching Dad about online trading. We had a computer when the first IBMs came out, because I was using one at work (Medical Research). My then 4 year old son would sit on a stool next to me and watch and ask questions. Pretty soon he moved on from DOS to C+ and then I can’t even guess where and what he learned.

He [Name] and his dad built their first computer together before he was out of middle school, and, having inherited the structures of a strong corpus collosum that both my parents had, there is little he cannot figure out. He works in IT for a security very large company and carries the national on-call pager. The higher ups on the management ladder realized one day that no matter who had the pager for the night, every one of them ended up calling [Name] for help. Funny! So he takes it on vacation and doing whatever else he does. I can imagine the two of you could talk for days on end, but I have been unable to attract him to investing and trading. But I am thinking you are going to help me there! He is intentionally single, having inherited a gene we did not learn was in my husband’s family until he was diagnosed. He swears he will not pass it on to anyone, but at almost 34 he has a nice home with a raised garage where his office is. He only goes downtown every week or two to check on things and people he is supervising. But he loves movies and as a result became a projectionist who could keep all ten shows (with staggered start times) going in the multiplex where he worked. Only the boss could do the same thing. And now he has several entrepreneurial businesses going on, one of which is professional photography.

So why am I writing, you ask? I am so excited about Trend Trading. I kind of “happened” upon it looking to see what was new on the Agora Financial website and found YOU! Wow, and for a starting service you dove right in with all kinds of resources and things to read. Then I queued your podcast onto my phone and now have been listening to you. I also bought a couple of your books and am working my way through everything. Today, while working my way through our portfolio and working on taxes I played a great podcast when you hosted Steve Burns. (It finally occurred to me that if I wanted to hear more about trend following I might be better off listening to earlier podcasts and could only get back to the early 100s on my phone, but my classmates used to call me the sponge. And it wasn’t because of how much I drank! In fact, at a national conference one year, my boss, sitting next to me, whispered that I should probably quiet down. I gave her a quizzical look and she said, “They may be able to hear you slurping as you drink up all this information!” We laughed.

While my dad was a great, conservative investor and lived well after his retirement, he would have so loved the rationale of Trend Following. He had about 25 years after retirement to enjoy life and see the world. My mom had died when my husband and I were expecting our first child. So it was my turn to introduce him to online brokers and trading to way less per trade. I keep learning and have gotten into options and a little bit of currency trading. But you blew me totally off of the course I was on when you started introducing Trend Following. Finally something that made absolute sense and does not require ridiculous amounts of time. Like you, I have many other interests and would love to have more extra time.’

I had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) when helping out at a friend’s farm, and thankfully had done some things already that I might otherwise have missed like having kids and white water rafting. My kids were in elementary school when I got the brain damage. I spent 5 months on my back in the bed in the quiet darkness and got so bored (once the world finally stopped swirling and the headaches started occurring less frequently. I went back to work, but found I could only work a maximum of 5 hours a day before the double vision and loss of balance started back up. But i retired for medical reasons in November 2010. — This followed by another 5 months in the dark. I got attached to audiobooks and was amazed at the variety. You are so fun to listen to! I was thinking you should do an audiobook of your Little Book of Trading – Trend Following Strategy for Big Winnings when I found you had already done one. That, too, is on my phone. What a kick!

Wow, did not realize I was writing you an encyclopedia! But it is not my habit to write to people I don’t know. You are an exception! Because you are exceptional!

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Thank for the great feedback and nice words!

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