Trend Following Enlightenment

Feedback in:

Dear Mr. Covel, I just wrote a review on iTunes entitled “Enlightening”.

I may have referred to one of your books as “Trend Trading” instead of “Trend Following”, but I’m sure people can figure it out. I am brand new to you, your podcast and your books, having just discovered you about a month ago. I now look forward to and faithfully listen to most of your new podcasts each week. I have read “The Complete Turtle Trader” and I am about 60 pages into “Trend Following”. Next up is “Trend Commandments”. I wish I had discovered this stuff years or decades ago. It has been truly enlightening.

Just finished listening to the podcast about crude oil. How simply amazing that the brainiacs on Wall Street had no idea what would happen to oil this year. Another glaring example of their erroneous guesswork is spotlighted in their prognostications on interest rates. I think all of the major investment/brokerage houses in late 2013 were forecasting the significant rise in interest rates in 2014. Well, guess what…hmmm…where are those rates today?

Thank you, and keep up the great work.


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