Where Can I Send Your Free DVD?

Feedback in:

Mr. Covel, thank you so much for producing your podcast. It has been a great influence for me ever since reading your Trend Following book. I was wondering if your offer for a resource DVD (if I recall correctly) is still valid for podcast reviews on iTunes. I left a positive review of the podcast this evening. If the offer is no longer valid, I completely understand. I hope to be purchasing your flagship premiere product in the future. I am a US medical student graduating in May 2015. As you can imagine, funds are tight at the moment. This may be a blessing in that it has allowed me ample time to digest your material and formulate a plan for the future. Thanks again. You are doing all of us, especially my generation of younger investors, a huge service through your work. I spread your name and the ideology of trend following whenever I have the chance.


Where can I send your DVD? Thanks for the nice words!

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