Trend Following: Pura Vida!

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I´m a Tim Sykes Challenge student [and] I saw you in one of his DVDs. Since then I have followed your podcast (and great interviews by the way). I’m [an] audio guy [and] I only found your audio book [for] “The Little Book of in Trading”. [W]hen [will] the others books…be available in audio?

I´ve been a broker for 17 years in Costa Rica in [Name] (biggest Insurance company in Central America) and my clients currently are pension funds: private and public. The markets in this country are changing. Our pension funds administrate 15B in local currency and they are doing baby steps to invest in the US markets. Could you recommend me the top funds that do Trend Following that specialize in pension funds or insurance companies?

Greetings from Costa Rica, or how we say, “PURA VIDA”.

Review my podcast. Many names. All of my books? More names. No secrets!

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