Approach the Problem Differently; My Advice

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Hi Michael, I enjoyed “The Complete TurtleTrader” very much as I had been interested in them for years and never got any good info. I realized that you yourself are a trend following trader so I thought I would ask you your opinion about my own trading direction. I’ve been trading 5 years now and am still about a break even trader. I do not have a definitive edge yet much to my detriment. I’m a currencies trader and trade pull backs in the trend or breakouts (usually a retest of a level), and use a 20 and a 50 MA along with supply/ demand levels, of course. I was hoping you would tell me a company, prop company or fund that would give me a chance using their strategies and systems to let me trade for them. If I had an account with a system like Mr. Bruce has, I would not need a company to trade for obviously. Trading is my passion. I am not looking at the money but want to be successful more than anything else I can think of. Despite my long hours of study and good risk management (I’m cheap!), my wins are not as frequent as I want them to be. Therefore I am not making a living trading ( I’m about 40% at the moment). If you know of anyone hiring, I feel I can be flexible enough to use their methods. I’m not so much of a butt head as to think there is only one or 2 successful strategies out there. I hope to be an asset to whomever will let me trade for them. They don’t have to even pay me until I’m up and going strong and can prove myself. Ok, hopefully this email didn’t take up too much of your time. If you hear of anything please let me know if its not too much trouble.

[Name] in Atlanta

Absolutely no hiring leads. That opportunity really doesn’t exist unless you personally find a way to make it happen. In terms of my potential assistance, I help clients here:


These 3 paths really get you more focused on self-sufficiency rather than hiring (often the lottery long shot).

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