Podcast Feedback: The Nuts and Bolts

I welcome all feedback, especially feedback that may make my websites a little more user friendly:


I’ve got some suggestions for how you could possible modify your blog/podcast to better serve readers like me who would like to use it more efficiently.

I get your emails with wonderfully detailed synopsis of the podcasts, which are brilliant in that they really dive into what really is relevant in trading and life in general, psychology. Keep it up. Now, I would like to keep my inbox clean, and just have to revert to your website for this exact synopsis. I find that it IS the same under the general blog area, but it is not provided in one easy area under the podcast area. It would be great if I could just see the easy listing on the blog, of all your episodes and guests, but also have that synopsis shown there.

Also, it would be nice if this podcast was provided on YouTube, on your channel, where I could do two things, file it under under important categories, and also make use of the speed function which enables me to listen to podcast more efficiently, which is not a function found anywhere else that I have noticed. It is not necessary to have to really be on screen, as I am just interested in the audio content. If it was modeled on the Stansberry Research podcast, that would be just great.

Thank you for listening, as you do have a unique program, and doing this would enable me to endure less friction in accessing your podcast. If you could advise if this is possible, and to publicly mention this on a future mailout would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You can see/listen to podcast and see/read synopsis at two spots for all episodes:

1. covel.com/itunes
2. trendfollowingradio.com

Good idea on YouTube. I will do that.

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