Is a Diploma Necessary?

Feedback in:

Hello Michael! My name is Richard [Name], 18 year old aspiring trader. I came across your work as I was watching your speech at some previous conferences held by [name]. I have read The Complete TurtleTrader and I’m halfway through Trend Following, and I must say I really like what you are doing!

I’ve started trading when I was 14 after I learned a fundameltal+technical approach to the markets. Mostly I did swing trading on blue chip tech stocks and I made about 30k in profits. After a two year break, last summer I decided to take this seriously and I’ve been grinding educational material since. Now I’m studying [name] strategy but I know it has limitations (you can only make a few million, but it offers good returns for small accounts).

I have a couple of questions for you. In one of your speeches I heard you saying that you are a political science major and you have an MBA, and that it was completely useless for trading. Right now I’m going in my last year in high school and I’m pondering this question: is it worth going to university, or should I just learn on my own what I need to be successful?

I’ve asked several people this question and their answer was that I should go just because it’s easier to get through doors of opportunity if you have a diploma. What is your take on this?

Thank you in advance for your answer, and have a wonderful day!

Richard [Name]

My best advice:

1.) Listen to my podcast from the beginning.
2.) Read Seth Godin’s blog and his book Linchpin.

The doors of an entrepreneur don’t necessarily open with a diploma.

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