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You Never Know When You Will Drop Dead

While going through some of my old podcast transcripts this little paragraph jumped out. A little something to think about as you finish out the rest of your week:

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to always say — Schwarzenegger, love him, hate him, I don’t necessarily have a feeling one way or the other, but he used to always say that a good pump in his weight-lifting world was as good as sex. I’d say hitting a home run is right there. The point is, getting to the point where you have got it on the line, you’re making something happen, you don’t give a shit what your neighbors think of you. You don’t give a shit what your family thinks of you. You’re just gonna take on the world. That’s it. That’s the goal. You live one time, one time and it’s over. If you go through life scared, if you go through life following the plan that your father told you to do, that your mother told you to do, or some other nonsense society told you to do: you need to get a steady job, you need a college degree, then you get a steady job, yada, yada, yada. Guess what, you’ll be 60, by the time you know it you’ll be 70, maybe you’ll be dead soon.

Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity to start living the way you want to live. The whole podcast episode can be found here.

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One comment on “You Never Know When You Will Drop Dead
  1. Jim Rohrbach says:

    I reached 83 last week and time flew by. We come into this world knowing nothing about what has been going on, and just like that, we know nothing about what will be going on. A very short visit. I have loved it, so far. Not looking for any lifetime guarantees.

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