“That Annoying Covel Grows on You!”

Good feedback is always welcomed:

Hey Michael, was trying to write a comment following one of your podcast and couldn’t seem to get past the captcha. Just wanted to let you know that because of your show I can no longer listen to the radio. Yours guest are full of great insight which in turn promotes thinking. As oppose to listening to Bloomberg reporters which are just reading sheets of paper past down the line. To be completely honest when I first stumbled upon your podcast I found you to be a little bit annoying. But yours guests kept me listening. Since then you have grown on me, lol. I have read The Complete TurtleTrader and Trend Following, as well as many others. Market Wizards series, O’Neil, Livermore, Wyckoff, Darvas etc. Since reading Trend Following I have realized that my style has been more towards predictive TA then Reactive. But upon reviewing my trades it has been a mixture of both. While I continue on the journey of finding my style, keep up the good work. Apart from reading, your show is the only other thing that has promoted such healthy thinking in this field for myself. Thanks again Michael.

Mitch [name]


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