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A recent exchange:

Yuhui: When knowing that if someone strictly uses a trading system that its mathematical expectation is positive in a long time then he will get profit, but a question suddenly came to my mind: What will happen if everyone trades like this? Although in your book[s] you have listed several reasons why there are always many people won’t be the trend traders, but [a] positive math expectation trading system can be easily written to the computer and automatically executed by the computers now. Meanwhile, It’s said that this kind automatic trading system is already generally used in the futures market. I want to know what do you think how trend-trading will [perform] when in this condition. What’s more, I’m wondering about how your life is currently. As a successful trader are you living a free and relaxing life, or busy in dealing with the matter of your company. Finally, if possible, expecting the trend-following DVD, my address is [address] and my telephone number is [#], and my name is Yuhui (喻 辉).

Covel: My five books outline why not everyone will become a trend following trader. It’s often against human nature and people dislike drawdowns. They seem more comfortable with black swans that wipe it out all (their accounts that is). You can follow my life here:

Yuhui: Thanks for replying. Have read your books again and again and some story impressed me very much. Also read the reason you list why not everyone become a trend following trader. But once upon a time I read a book and remembering that the introduction of the author saying that his average income of programming automatic futures trading system can be up to 8% per month. So I just have an idea that what if everyone trades like him in the market? Maybe this condition will never happen because people are easy to be influenced by the cognitive bias in the trading, but somehow I still feel confused about this. And here is my address in Chinese and English.

Covel: 8% a month? Not a wise goal. That will not happen on a consistent basis that you can count on.

You might like my 2017 epic release: Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets (Fifth Edition). Revised and extended with twice as much content. Out April 24th 2017.

2 thoughts on “New Trend Following Chinese Trader

  1. 喻辉,

    It is easy to trend trade when market trends. When markets start to drift sideways, many will violate trend following rules and try to outsmart the systems.

    And consistent monthly returns of 8% is definitely not trend following.

  2. I do recall Ed Sekyoka saying that when drawdowns occur it takes out Technical traders systems stops and fundamental traders stomach linings.

    Clearly human biases cause us to tweak and change systems consistently. Thus still making systems reflect these biases, its really just understanding how your system follows trends and under what condition it will make money.

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